Logistics Support

Logistics Support

Logistics Support

Sample Collection, Processing and Shipping

Validated protocols with options to direct-ship samples from clinical sites for centralized processing by Alpha Immune Services. All cellular analysis services are carried out at Alpha Immune GLP facilities. We have substantial experience in the shipping of customer’s biologics and cellular samples from anywhere in the world. We handle the shipping process seamlessly from the client’s facility through our own pre-qualified, specialized sample shipping providers. Alternatively, clients can use their own shipper under our instruction. For each project, we will discuss any special requirements for sample handling with you in advance.

Sample Management

Alpha Immune has a sample management in place to monitor client’s pre-clinical and/or clinical specimens from receipt to disposition. We have established several Quality Control (QC) steps to ensure proper handling of specimens and database management including standardized forms for documenting the movement of your specimens throughout our facility and back to your facility.

Onsite or Web-Based Training Options

We will provide training for single or multi-center trials and remote clinical sites to ensure sample processing and preparation across sites are uniform.

Quality Management Systems

Alpha Immune ensures validation and standardization of immune assays with rigorous quality control standards, from sample collection to data reporting in accordance with applicable GCP/GLP/GCLP regulations and guidelines, under which studies are planned, conducted, monitored, reported and archived.