Immune Monitoring

Immune Monitoring

Complete Array of Immune Cell Phenotyping

Immune response is pivotal for successful clinical development of novel cancer immunotherapies. Induction of immune responses is accompanied by changes in proportions and/or absolute numbers of lymphocyte subsets. This qualitative and quantitative technique can access multiple structural and functional markers and compare the immunotherapy-associated changes in the major lymphocyte subsets before, during, and after the immunotherapy regimen. Alpha Immune will perform flow cytometric analysis according to our optimized standard protocol. Listed below are some standard applications, and we welcome any other request as per the requirements of the clients.

Immune Cell Functional Profiling

EliSpot Assay

The EliSpot assay can be used to investigate the immune T and B cell responses to adoptive T cell therapy, immune stimulating/modulating molecules and vaccine. The IFN-γ EliSpot assay measures both CD8 mediated memory T cell activity and CD4 mediated helper responses. IFN-γ producing anti-tumor cytotoxic T cell activity can be measured by tumor-specific stimulation of IFN-γ production. Likewise, antigen specific antibody (IgG) responses of memory B cells can be measured by the EliSpot assay. Listed below are some standard applications, and we welcome any other request.

Cytotoxicity Assay

Cytotoxic activity measured by Real Time Cell Analysis provides direct measurements of immune cell killing kinetics with high sensitivity and accuracy against any solid tumor targets.

Tumor Specific Antibody Responses

We developed an in-house whole cell ELISA to detect specific IgG and IgM responses directed at tumor cell lines. For antibody detection, serial dilutions of serum from patients who received immunotherapy are placed into the wells coated with specific cell lines (act as a pool of tumor antigens), this allows the antibodies in the serum to bind to surface antigens on fixed cells followed by detection of bound antibodies. Immunoassays for serum profiling against tumor antigens are available for the following cancer types: